Environmental Management Consulting

Guidance on EMS planning

Now-a-days, Organisations' Environment Cell has to perform multiple vital roles within facility. The team should be well aware of the effects & impacts of their processes on the environment. Staying tuned to the new regulatory requirements when handling variety of data and dealing with regulators, management, employees & other stakeholders is onerous task.

We provide active guidance on planning, implementing & monitoring of EMS that eases the ways to use & maintain activities. This in turn helps environment cell in meeting the business objectives and facility budget.

We also provide complete solution to documentation & document management.

Identification & planning for environmental objectives

We shall collaborate with your team to identify the critical Environmental concern areas, convert them into 'SMART' objectives with specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and develop the improvement plan which shall be practically implementable.

Gap analysis for environmental regulatory compliances

With dynamic situation & stringent enforcement of various regulatory requirements, it is extremely complicated for an environment cell to keep abreast of the regulations.

We provide support by conducting detailed analysis of the applicable national & international regulations & actual status of the facility in meeting those requirements, a 'GAP' analysis. This shall be followed by the advice on how to meet / exceed those requirements.

Waste management & minimisation advisory

For a process industries, managing the waste (hazardous & non-hazardous) is as important as manufacturing the finished goods. The improper management of the waste directly reflects on the 'Costs' of an organisation.

Our systematic guidance on waste management shall help you in reducing the negative impact on the cost overall.

Environmental health check-ups (EHC)

With ever increasing cost of energy and waste disposal, the environment is playing an important part in our commercial and operational lives.

Our indigenously developed EHC program would systematically assess the facilities' 'Environmental Health' and provide guidance on the best & not-so-good performing areas to work-upon.

Assessment of Environmental sustainability & alternate energy advisory

Industries today are looking for novel, cost-saving ways to reduce their impact on the environment and demonstrate sustainable operations to their stakeholders.

By carrying out "Process Life Cycle" assessment, key information is provided to an organisation to develop programs to reduce the costs by improving efficiency, abolishing redundant operations, reducing wastes & surplus consumptions.

Many More

Any other aspect wherein you need to get additional support shall be rendered