Health & Safety Management

H & S program evaluation & development (From 'Policy' to 'Plan')

Independent of the size & sector of an organisation, it is absolutely essential to have sound Safety & Health policies & plans to implement them in order to accomplish the sustainable growth. However it's not always possible for an organisation to have & find all required resources or competencies from within organizational setup.

We shall be providing you support in developing policies & self sustainable implementation plan for your organisation.

We also provide complete solution to documentation & document management.

On-site H &S management & outsourcing

We are offering enough flexibility in our approach to support you. We can provide on-site as well as off-site support to define, implement, manage & sustain the organisations' H&S objectives. We shall track the performance of the programs & guide right on time to correct any unwarranted situation.

System / process gap analysis & assessment

This support is devised to find out the 'Opportunities for Improvement' within the existing systems & processes. Once the systems are implemented, they need to be updated over the time for their validity. With our indigenously developed programs, we can help your organisation in doing so, with definite outcome of an exercise in the form of comprehensive report which can be converted into action plan.

Inputs for capital budgeting & corporate planning

It's not always possible to correct all situations just by taking some 'organisational measures'. Some might need sizable investment for implementation of system with hardware & software. We understand the need of every organisation to manage their funds in right ways. We can provide you inputs for capital budgeting & corporate planning for such situations. This shall be strictly based on the "Risk & Consequences" analysis.

Regulatory compliance program development

We provide support by conducting detailed analysis of the applicable national & international regulations & actual status of the facility in meeting those requirements, a 'GAP' analysis. This shall be followed by the advice on how to meet / exceed those requirements.

Accident / Incident Investigations

Incidents & accidents have more psychological impact than physical or material. Psychological impact has longer effect and at times they are permanent or irreversible. If the same is disabling or fatal then it is actually a drain to national economy.

It is extremely important to understand the real cause of an incident or accident & correct the same before it is repeated. It's a moral failure not to learn from the Incident or accident.

We provide expert support on investigation of industrial & non-industrial incidents / accidents to determine the root cause & other associated causes to garner precise corrective & preventive action plan & avoid the re-occurrence by publishing 'Learning Event'

Emergency response planning, Rescue plans

When in industrial environment, it's legal & moral responsibility of a management to have well structured 'Emergency Response Plans' to mitigate the impact to Human, Environment & Assets and more so, the plans are to be practicable & practiced to ensure level of preparedness during emergency situations.

We provide you guidance on assessing potential emergency scenarios, developing response plan, rescue plans & escape plans & also ways to practice those plans.

Firefighting adequacy assessment

Fire emergencies are single largest scenarios which has devastating economical, psychological & social impact. In an industrial climate when there are 'known' sources of fire being put to use, it also essential to have facilities to counter such situations & also is a legal mandate.

Although it is more pertinent to Process industries, however other sectors are also equally impacted as the historical data reveals.

We assist you in understanding sufficiency of the counter measures often referred as 'Firefighting Arrangements' with the use of appropriate technical tools. The output of the assessment may be used many ways as to highlight concern areas, regulatory needs, investment planning, process planning, etc...

Noise, Ventilation, Illumination, ergonomic assessment

These are the sort of 'Hidden' hazards do not always take president over more prominent hazards but definitely are not less damaging. If not managed properly, these hazards can have direct & long lasting impact on the working 'people'.

Typically these are Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health (IH&OH) related issues. With systematic assessment of these hazards with the help of scientific protocols, we shall be providing solutions to overcome major risk of it.

Workplace Safety program development

'Workplace' as the name suggest is actual location wherein the activities are carried out by the employees. A platform where practical interface between men-machine & men-work environment is taking place. Thereby it has highest potential for injuries to happen.

We shall render help in assessing likelihood of such situations presenting risk & develop program to reduce the occurrence as well as impact of any unwarranted interface. For example program on Confined Space entry, Job Safety Analysis, Equipment decontamination, Energy isolation, etc…

Assistance in setting up 'Internal Auditing' process

'Nothing in this world is perfect & constant' & it applies to the systems & programs related to EHS even more because we all work in extremely dynamic work environment. One cannot afford to implement the system & leave it as such. The effectiveness of the system needs to be checked, verified time & again.

This can be achieved by 'auditing' – a systematic assessment. While organisation can depend on the external experts on more specialized processes, it may not be useful for internal & smaller systems, processes.

We shall partner your organisation in developing robust 'Internal Auditing' program which can be relied on to ascertain the 'Improvement needs'

Permit to Work" system development & implementation

Being a part of workplace safety, it is one such control measure which can certainly help shop-floor employees to safely manage their day-to-day activities. This is also legally mandated.

We shall offer assistance in developing apt 'Permit to Work' system which can be easily implemented & followed.

Development of Behavior Based Safety (BBS) programs

With technical advancement, most of the equipment are designed integrating safety features & constructed with in-built safety devices. However these equipment are needed to be operated as intended to have a desired outcome. This is totally based on the awareness / experience / physical state of the person handling it.

Along with above mentioned competencies, the most important is mental state; 'Attitude' – as they say it, of a person. After all safety is neither a SCIENCE nor an ART to be mastered, it is rather 'State of Mind' which is depicted by BEHAVIOR of a person.

We shall be providing you end-end-end (Assessment-Planning-Implementation-Validation-Readjustment) solution for your assets called as 'Human Resource' to demonstrate 'right attitude' at workplace & elsewhere. Our solution would be complete customisation of global standards to meet your requirement.

Many more

Any other aspect wherein you need to get additional support shall be rendered.