Process Safety Management

Risk Management Program

We shall support by carrying out systematic assessment of risks to the operations by utilizing ISO 31000: Risk Management guidance.

This shall cover every aspect of the business & shall lead to develop the management plan to secure the operations.

Assessments & audits

Like all other systems / programs; process safety management plans also needs to be checked for its efficacy, sufficiency & correctness at given point of time. Regular assessments, inspections & audits are the way to keep the programs updated & apt to the changing needs, acquired awareness.

"We provide assistance to develop the regular inspection programs and also carry out audits for your organisation". The tools used are derived from national & international guidelines and are modified to make them suitable to your requirements keeping the intent of guidelines intact.

Hazard Identification (HAZID)

HAZARD IDENTIFICATIONS, HAZIDs are characteristically focussed at the identification of hazards to health, safety and the environment that might occur by carrying out a particular activity / step.

The tool utilised for the task is as per ISO-31000: Risk Management.

Hazard & Operability study (HAZOP) / Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) studies are the basis for process safety management and risk management programs. It helps organisations to identify hazardous circumstances for a process that could adversely impact employees, environment & / or property.

We offer a methodical approach with a team leader working with a group of people who are aware of the process to carry out the PHA. The team leader carries out preparatory work for the study, advises on the choice of team members, methodology and scope, and administers the team's brainstorming of causes and effects of probable upset scenario and the formulation of findings for suitable corrective actions.

Techniques such as Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and What-If analysis are employed for the purpose.

Area Classification assessment

Flammable chemicals in the form of gases, liquid & dust possess challenging environment for safe handling & storage. Therefore they do call for an additional focus on maintaining specific storage & handling conditions in the close vicinity. The guidance on the same can be obtained by carrying out specific study termed as 'Hazardous Area Classification' (HAC)..

We offer to carry out HAC studies of your installations & operations to provide you typical guidance to install & maintain the infrastructure for such chemicals. The study is based on the international standards & guidance backed-up by detailed calculations illustrative drawings.

Management of Change (Technical / Human Resource)

'Change' is any alteration effectuated to an established process, process component, equipment layout, infrastructure and even personnel. Changes are largely intended for the betterment of the existing situation. However, these changes may lead to bring in some hidden hazards which can pose EH&S issues if not assessed before implementing the change. The system to carry out assessment is termed as "Management of Change".

We offer to develop the comprehensive program to manage the change for both technical & personnel changes. The program so derived when implemented & followed would help organisation to eliminate the potential new hazards or minimize the impact from getting introduced by the change to be implemented.

Fire Risk assessment

Fire hazard is by far the largest single cause for many industrial & non-industrial accidents leading loss of lives & enormous property damage. It has been area of concern for process industries world over shear for handling of many chemicals along with multiple 'sources of ignition'. These chemicals acts ac 'fuel' and with ignition sources around poses greater risk of fire & potential explosion..

The systematic analysis of this risk & defining of control measures is known as 'Fire Risk Assessment'. Generally covers qualitative & quantitative assessments.

We offer to conduct assessment of your facility to protect your assets for potential fire risk.

EHS Criticality assessment

Not all chemicals present same degree of hazards. Based on their chemical & physical properties, some are more severe while others are not. A study with respect to ranking of those chemical based on the risk posed by them is known as 'EHS Criticality Assessment' and is an important aspect of PSM.

We offer our services to carry out criticality assessment of the chemicals handled at you facility and would elaborate on the means of managing those chemicals & related infrastructure.

Many moreā€¦

Any other aspect wherein you need to get additional support shall be rendered.