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Training Solution Provider

An organisation chooses best of the available professionals for different tasks in their set-up. However, qualification & experience alone cannot make a candidate to be performer to the expectations of the organisation.

They need to be inducted into the 'Culture' of one's organizational setup. Training the new & for that matter even established employees is by far is best methodology to accomplish best of results and performance from individual. In today's world 'Eco-Sustainability' & 'Safety' are the buzzwords irrespective of the sector the organisation is working with.

Safety training is the key element in the prevention of work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities. When properly trained on safety procedures, employees understand the importance of workplace safety, prevention an incident in the workplace by following workplace safety procedures and respond quickly if presented with a dangerous situation.

Not only because of these intangible benefits but because of also every organisation is legally responsible for providing the safety training mandated for their industry by Regulatory Authorities. Maintaining records that detail course completion rates and certification status of employees is crucial because it helps pinpoint the safety training that still needs to be addressed.


As a best management practice, we follow the four stage process for 'Training' as defined by the ISO-10015: Guidelines for Training. This automatically helps organisation in strengthening their ISO program, those are already accredited with ISO Certification and also for those which are in process of ISO certification. As your training partner, our team shall work collaboratively with you to develop training solution that will meet the operational and strategic needs of your business. We shall provide most efficient and effective training solution for you by:

  • Understanding of your business including background, nature of your business, and structure as well as your training expectations, concerns and challenges; and
  • Determining the gap in knowledge and skill sets required of your learners; if required.
  • Developing & providing the content that suits your requirements
  • Assessing the efficacy of the provided solution.

A comprehensive solution for all your training needs comprising of following elements are being offered. However, we offer enough flexibility for an organisation to choose from any of the element individually to get support from us.

  • Training MIS developmentconcerns and challenges; and
  • Competency setting, assessment & GAP analysis
  • Training needs assessment & calendar development
  • Customised training modules
  • Training & evaluation
  • Trend analysis & management reports
  • Training statistics & KPIs

Software Tools

To support our rigorous training management process, we offer following software products which would obviously meet & exceed your requirements for sustainably managing your by providing assistance at different stages.

  • Training MIS package – Customised software package covering all aspects of the training cycle.
  • Training Modules – Ready to launch, self learning style topic based packages.