Supplied with the Patented MEDIC FIRST-AID Disc Guide.
Classification of Outer Case : ANSI Type III kit. Portable, Mountable & Water Resistant.
Kit Colour : High Visibility Orange
Mounting Provision : Supplied with a Wall Mount Bracket
Contents : Colour Coded as per ANSI ANSI/OSHA Z308. 1-2015 standards.
Dimensions : 26.5 X 21.3 X 8.9 cms

This First Aid Kit is made from a durable medical grade HDPE material with a matte finish to keep dust, moisture and dirt at bay. It keeps the contents hygienically clean, so it is always ready to be used. The contents are packed in transparent plastic packs, so you can clearly see all the products, making it easy to find the product you need when every second counts. All products come with clear, self-explanatory instructions. The kit is a High Visibility coloured one, making it easy to see from a distance. The practical handle makes it easy to attach the case or carry it with you.