The outer Fabric should be tested as per EN 388:2003 Standards – Level 3, 3, 5, 2 for Abrasion, Blade Cut, Tear and Puncture Resistance and test report should be attached for the same. The outer Fabric should be tested as per ISO 15025 against Limited Flame Spread and test report should be attached for the same.

HOT LIQUID PROTECTIVE SUIT SPECIFICATIONS the Suit shall be in the form of the Pant, Coat and Hood with Golden Visor, Gloves and Shoes with Zippers. The entire Suit is made of Silicon Coated Fabrics and should be a 3 layer assembly using a Thermal barrier and an FR Lining fabric as the lining Fabric. The material of the Suit shall offer protection against hot liquid splash of temperatures of upto 350 degrees C. The Thermal barrier should be a light weight neoprene Coated Fabric / Silicon Coated Fabric of maximum weight of 300 GSM. The Lining Fabric should be a Cotton FR Fabric having a weight of minimum 240GSM. The Suit should be stitched with Flame retardant and mechanically strong p-aramid Thread. The design of the Garment should be as below : Coat : The Coat should have protection over the neck and covered from the neck to the bottom of the Suit having Metal Zipper and covered with Flap fastened with Velcro Trouser : The Trouser should be elasticised on the waist to fit multi waist fittings with Suspenders attached to the Trousers. Hood : The Hood should have an IS Certified Fireman Helmet and have a Golden Visor. The Hood should have tight fastening elasticised fitting with the Suit and the Visor should be fitted in a manner to replace when damaged. Gloves : A Pair of 5 fingered Gloves of the same Fabric configuration should be provided with the Suit Kit. The Length of the Gloves should be minimum 14”. Shoes : A Pair or Shoes with Nitrile Sole and the same Fabric configutation to be provided with the Suit. The Shoes should have a zip fastener for tighting the zipper on the legs for better fitting. The Suit shall be packed in an easy to carry bag.