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The Dräger HPS® SafeGuard is the extremely lightweight universal helmet for fire and rescue services. Its innovative design combines optimal protection with the highest levels of wearing comfort. Its sporty look, light weight and tailor-made accessories make the helmet a real all-rounder for any challenge. Material Glass-fibre-reinforced plastic (PA-GF), high temperature resistant Dimensions Approx. 55 mm × 43 mm × 105 mm (W × H × L) Weight With batteries: approx. 125 g, without batteries: approx. 80 g Light technology Power LED Lighting level 1: approx. 43 Lm Lighting level 2: approx. 25 Lm Lighting level 3: flashing light alternating between 43 Lm and 0 Lm Operation time Lighting level 1: approx. 5 hours Lighting level 2: approx. 11 hours Lighting level 3: approx. 10 hours Energy supply 2 AA/LR6/MN1500 alkaline batteries Intelligent battery management system Protection class IP67 Helmet approvals EN 443:2008 Firefighters helmets – Helmets for fire fighting in buildings and other structures (type: A 3b, C, E2, E3, -30°C) EN 16471: 2014 Firefighters helmets – Helmets for forest wildland fire fighting EN 16473: 2014 Firefighters helmets – Helmets for technical rescue MED 2014/90/EU Standard for helmets for fire fighting on board ships SOLAS II-2/10.10., IMO RES. MSC.327(90) International maritime resolution for helmets for fire fighting on board ships PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 ISO 16073-5:2019 – Wildland firefighting personal protective equipment – part 5: helmets ISO 11999-5:2015 – PPE for firefighters while fighting fires occurring in structures – part 5: helmets ISO 18639-5:2018 – PPE for firefighters undertaking specific rescue activities – Part 5: Helmet

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